Stoney St. Clair Skull Pig’s Foot

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Stoney St. Clair Skull Pig’s Foot

This pigs foot has been tattooed professionally at Bareknuckle Tattoo by myself. Bold colors were used to keep the saturation of the ink as bright as possible as well as bold lines.

When purchased, if the pigs foot needs shipped, it will be shipped in the jar with NO liquid to assure it arrives safely and as cleanly as possible. It is 100% necessary to purchase a 32oz bottle of 91% isopropyl alcohol at or before the time of arrival of the pigs foot. The ink may seep out a little over time, changing the color of the alcohol. You may change the alcohol if you think it’s necessary. Alcohol levels may also change over time and may need refilled.

Each pigs foot is roughly 6” long, contained in a screw-top jar measuring 8” tall with a circumference of 14”. Any questions about the pigs feet can be emailed to [email protected].